A Quick Fix (2005.07.19)

Thanks to the few of you who tried out remerge for the first time and found a glitch! There was a small mistake in my new build system (the one that ditches Qt) which only affected people who had never installed remerge before. I just released remerge 2.1.1 as a quick fix for this problem.

If anyone else comes upon any other problems or imagines any possible enhancements, please - send me an email! Hey, send me an email if you use remerge, too - I love to hear from you! You could even send me one if you don't - I'd love to know why and take your ideas into consideration, or at least gain a new viewpoint on the project.

The True Freedom of remerge (2005.07.18)

It's been a long and hard job, trying to keep up my first large open-source software project. However rewarding remerge has been, it has been a struggle to stay on-task and complete all of my tasks. I have a lot to say about the concept of browser based applications, but I will save that rant for another day.

So, after an extremely long wait, I introduce to you - remerge 2.1.0! The best thing about this release is it's lack of dependencies - the requirement for Qt is no more! The 'de-Qtification' of remerge has been on my to-do list for quite a long time, and has been the topic of countless emails from users of remerge, so I am quite proud to announce this new version.

Along with this new version of remerge comes a beautiful new Perl-driven website. This site will be far easier and quicker for me to update, and as such will promote quicker new releases. If anyone would like the Perl+CSS that I'm using to run this site, I'd happily give it to you - just drop me an email at hortont@users.sourceforge.net.

I'd like to thank the few people who have really really helped me - not with names, but you all know who you are. Everyone who's sent an encouraging email, a shout for help, or a suggestion has been quite appreciated, and some have gone above and beyond with their level of help and support. Thank you all for making my hobby project into a wonderful, useful, public project!

Adios, for now,

Tim Horton